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He was long past the point any normal man would have ejaculated. “Try to hurry ok, my arms are tiring.” “Try using both.” Angie nodded and brought her other hand up from his balls. She began stroking him off with both hands. She bent the shaft down so that it was pointed at her face [...]

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“Joseph, I would like to get a DNA sample.” “What do you mean?” “I would like a sample of your sperm and I’m also interested in seeing the amount of ejaculate those large balls of yours produce. Would you masturbate for me?” “No, my people do not masturbate.” Angie’s stomach fell with disappointment. “You can [...]

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“Hand me the camera, I want to get a shot of your testicles. Hold your penis up so that I get a clear photo.” Angie clenched a fist to get a comparison shot against his balls, finding them as large as her fist, probably twice as large as any nut sack she had ever seen [...]

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This was a scientist’s dream come true. An island of hung black men. “I would like to study you. I’m an anthropologist in the states.” “What exactly do you want? “I know this is awkward, but I’d like to measure your penis and I’d need to take a picture of it. I’d need to examine [...]

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She awoke hearing the sunbather’s gasping and giggling. She blinked away the sunspots and checked her watch. It was noon, she hadn’t been asleep too long. She sat up, saw what the tourists were looking at and she gasped herself. One of the islanders was slowly walking down the beach towards them. Sunlight glinted off [...]

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The beach turned out to be a pristine little cove inhabited by about twenty tourists lying around completely naked. Many were European and didn’t seem to mind, but a few looked American and seemed uncomfortable. Angie noticed every male eye turning on her with interest to see her remove her clothes. She wasn’t sure whether [...]

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Angie slid into her husband’s arms on the beach and looked up at him. He leaned down and kissed her. She pulled him closer. She couldn’t remember being this horny. Her vagina was soaked. Her nipples looked like two little missiles under the halter top. She slid her hand under her husband’s shorts and felt [...]

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Angie still couldn’t quite make out what the woman was talking about. “You’re telling me you like it here so much, you’re going to stay and become a maid?” “It’s the black cock that I like so much. These men are huge. I’ve fucked eight of them and there hasn’t been a cock under ten [...]

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Devon walked over to the monitors and watched Angie changing into a string bikini. The brunette beauty had the body of a stripper and bore a striking resemblance to the actress Denise Richardson. Her breasts were so big and firm they looked like she would burst out of her bikini. This one would definitely go [...]

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Devon hopped on his scooter and traveled to Trinibogo’s command center. After the disaster, a hurricane shelter had been carved into the side of Trinibogo’s peak. A secret door led to the nucleus of the island, the video monitors connected to the cameras hidden in every room and bungalow on the island. Except for a [...]