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Added pg 32 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

I started the car and wondered what he meant by that, let alone what life was going to be like at home. Darius had said to let it get back to normal – what the fuck is normal now? I did not even know at that time that when Darius said we were even, what [...]

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“That night, and every night, your little daughter visited me. After Cindy left my bed, I had to rest an hour or so, before bangin’ Mandy. That little girl of yours tired me out! “What was better, was when I had my buddies come over to party. Of all the places I have been, the [...]

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“Darius, don’t come back, ever…” “I hear you, homey. I won’t be back.” I nodded. “And, thanks.” “For…?” he asked. “For not trying anything with Cindy.” He shook his head and laughed, “I didn’t have to try anything with Cindy, Daddy. That first day by the pool, I went to take a piss. She came [...]

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At the airport, the next day, Darius sat beside me in the car. “Jim, just make believe these two weeks never happened. I’m gone and things can get back to normal.” “How in the hell am I supposed to forget any of this happened, you prick?” “Easy, boy, don’t make it any harder than it [...]

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Finally, on the second Wednesday, Darius told us he was leaving on Friday. Amanda was visibly disappointed. When Darius came into the bedroom that last night, I went out onto the patio to watch through the window. There wasn’t a thing Amanda wouldn’t do to or for Darius. She even cleaned his cock with her [...]

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One day, during the second week, I was leaving for work when 2 more huge Black guys pulled into the driveway. They said they were Army buddies of Darius, and he had invited them over for a visit. I can’t even begin to imagine what the three brutes did to Amanda all day, but the [...]

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Darius stayed for well over a week, and it was the same, every night. Darius came into our bedroom and fucked the hell out of my wife, over and over, until the small hours of the morning. Whenever Cindy was out of the house, Amanda’s mouth, cunt and ass were open for business, however and [...]

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I awoke with a start. The clock said it was after 1 am. The bed was empty beside me, and then I heard Amanda’s heavy breathing and whimpering. Amanda was on the floor beside the bed on all fours with her head buried in one of the pillows, and Darius was slowly thrusting his thick [...]

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Cindy returned after breakfast, and the four of us went sightseeing. Darius acted as if what had happened the previous night and that morning were as normal a thing as could possibly be. Amanda managed a “I’m so sorry James…” whenever she got the chance, but I watched as Darius spent most of the day [...]

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He stepped closer to her and held her chin up in his hand. “You know what to do, my sweet little slut.” Panting, Amanda knelt before Darius, licking and sucking his cock clean of all their mixed juices. When she finished, she gently replaced his semi-hard cock in his pants and zipped them up. Darius [...]