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Added pg 6 of “Tony Parker’s Bad Day”

Tony winced in pain as he had a third orgasm. The ejaculate was nothing but a dribble this time. He hadn’t cum three times in a row so rapidly since he was eighteen. He finally released his spent prick. It shriveled up until it was smaller then normal, a sperm covered little worm. Even he, [...]

Added pg 5 of “Tony Parker’s Bad Day”

“My turn,” said Kevin. Tony watched as Kevin pulled his cock, now fully rampant, pushing a foot long, and glistening with Eva’s saliva from her mouth. He stepped back and Eva raised herself off Sam’s cock. As soon as her pussy cleared the thick shaft, the stream of semen dripping from it, became a torrent. [...]

Added pg 4 of “Tony Parker’s Bad Day”

“I want a crack at that pussy,” said Sam. “Come ride me, slut.” “God yes,” moaned Eva, wiping a drop of sperm off her lips with the back off her hand. “I can’t wait to find out what a real man’s cock feels like in my pussy.” Tony cringed at her words, but Sam’s huge [...]

Added pg 3 of “Tony Parker’s Bad Day”

Eva didn’t even glance at her husband as she kneeled facing the computer screen. She kept glancing back and forth between the two cocks in her hands, slowly stroking the hard shafts. “I can’t believe how big your cocks are! Thanks for coming over guys,” she told them. Kevin threw his head back and laughed. [...]

Added pg 2 of “Tony Parker’s Bad Day”

“Tony you fucker,” growled Eva, still continuing to pinch and pull on her nipples. “First Alexandra and I believed you when you denied it, but Erin too. Brent’s a friend of yours and a teammate. What kind of man sleeps with a friend’s wife? You don’t fuck with a Tejano, you fucker!” A Tejano was [...]

Added pg 1 of “Tony Parker’s Bad Day”

Tony Parker glanced down at his new cell phone and read the text from his wife as he entered the elevator of his Paris apartment. Eva was informing him that she was ready for their nightly video chat which made Tony’s lips curl up in a grin. Eva had come up with the idea of [...]

Started new “Tony Parker’s Bad Day” illustrated story

Added the cover page to a new celebrity interracial illustrated story written by Stormbringer and drawn by Jaguar titled “Tony Parker’s Bad Day“.