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Taylor Swift Transformation

What happens to Taylor Swift’s body when she looks into a magical mirror!?

Taylor Swift Growth

Taylor Swift spontanously growing large tits and ass, exploding out of her top and shorts!

Added Taylor Swift interracial sex pic!

Hot pic by KJ of Taylor Swift parodied as a rich southern girl with black servants tired of her bullshit, fucking some manners out of her Located in the “Celebrities” gallery

Added pg 45 to end “The Apology” comic

The party started out slowly, but picked up when the black men showed up. Taylor was the only one not surprised when Kanye West arrived with rappers and hip hop artists signed with his record label and some other friends.. Pictures were leaked from the party. Juliana Hough was seen leaving with 50-cent. Even Fergie [...]

Added pg 44 to “The Apology” comic

Shortly after the baby was born, Taylor and Kanye had a very public break up. Taylor moved to Tennessee and announced she was returning to her roots. She threw a big party for her twenty-first birthday and invited all her friends to it, the ones who had stuck by her like Katy Perry, some who [...]

Added pg 43 to “The Apology” comic

Kanye opened the tabloid magazine. Taylor Swift was the new tabloid sensation. A week after fucking her, the first article appeared about Taylor’s shocking firing of her mother. There were reports of damaged furniture in their hotel room. Kanye chuckled as he remembered the expression of Taylor’s mother’s face when the elevator doors opened and [...]

Added pg 42 to “The Apology” comic

“Some other time,” said Kanye. He pulled his pants on and stepped into his shoes. Kanye gathered up his shades and put them back on before saying, “Yo Taylor, Here’s my card. Call me.” He walked towards the door before turning back. “Beyonce did have one of the best videos of all time, but I [...]

Added pg 35 to “The Apology” comic

Kanye sat up and held his cock up. “Come ride this cock, bitch.” Taylor eagerly sat up and straddled his lap. She had to squat over his cock, it was so long. She moaned as it slid inside her more easily this time. Soon she was kneeling over his lap with his entire cock buried [...]

Added pg 34 to “The Apology” comic

Taylor groaned in frustration. She writhed around in lust for his cock. “I want… I want you to fuck me.” “Yo Taylor, all you had to do is ask. Like this?” Taylor felt the pending orgasm growing as Kanye worked half his cock in and out of her. He was picking up speed and pistoning [...]

Added pg 33 to “The Apology” comic

“What’s wrong, baby,” he whispered, still kissing her lips. “Your cock’s banging my cervix.” Kanye pushed off her and leaned back up. They looked down at the crotches. “My god, I’ve taken ten inches! I guess that’s it.”…