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Blacked Sissy

  Tony is a sissy slut, he’d been dressing up in his sluttiest summer outfit for a month now in an attempt to get the attention from the hot black guy working at the local cinema. Finally the tiny shorts had done the trick and he could go down on the fat black cock he’d [...]

Sissyhusband 2015

Reboot of an old drawing of mine. Husband turned sissy by his redhead wife and black lover.    

Sissy Link Zelda

Link using unconvential methods to solve the puzzles. Zelda Ocarina Of Time like you’ve never seen it before  

The ASSault of Link page 03

Link is shown what a real cock looks like….!

New Master Of The House

There is a new master of the house, and he takes what he wants!

The ASSault of Link pg 2

The Legend Of Zelda spoof continues…. Poor sissy Link is in deep trouble!

New Comic: The Assault of Link

The Legend Of Zelda gets a twist in this outrageous parody with sissy boy Link encountering huge black barbarians!