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Added pg 13 to the “Payback” comic

Brock breaks free of his ropes and knocks out a couple thugs..

Added pg 12 to the “Payback” comic

Brock realizes his girls have been doped and struggles to break free of his restraints..

Added pg 11 to the “Payback” comic

Brock is in disbelief that his girls are actually enjoying themselves as the gangster readies his daughter for penetration..

Added pg 10 to the “Payback” comic

The gangster shows Brock who’s boss and how his wife seems to strangely be enjoying herself while being ravaged..

Added pg 9 to the “Payback” comic

Brock, tied up and helpless is shocked to see his wife and daughter ravaged by the gangbangers..

Added pg 8 to the “Payback” comic

One of the gang members reveal he’s the guy Brock beat up last night..

Added pg 7 to the “Payback” comic

A crew of gangbangers bust through the door brandishing weapons..

Added pg 6 to the “Payback” comic

The next morning has the Lasseters up and ready to start their normal day when suddenly the doorbell rings..

Added pg 5 to the “Payback” comic

Brock beats the shit out of the guy who crashed into his car..

Added pg 4 to the “Payback” comic

Brock’s car suddenly gets rear-ended and he comes out furious..