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Once safely in the bathroom she began to clean herself up. I’m gonna need more of that black cock by the end of the week, she thought. “Fuck that,” she said out-loud. “I’m going over there tomorrow.” The woman in the video was right. Black cocks are the best. Megan had graduated.

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Jamal had seen him too. He pulled his cock out and quickly put on his bathing suit. He said, “Straight A’s, baby,” as he playfully smacked her ass, before running out the front door…

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The sperm was moving up from his balls fast and he bellowed as his cock begin to jerk inside her pussy, filling it with his cum. Megan’s eyes rolled up in the back of her head and she wailed loudly as her biggest orgasm yet exploded within her when she felt his sperm hosing her [...]

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His white slut was fucking him back, raising her hips to match his thrusts and Jamal decided she was ready to earn her last A. He grabbed her hips and pulled his cock out of her until the head was poised at her opening, before slamming one rock hard, foot long, black cock into her [...]

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“Fuck him,” Jamal said working another inch in. “White men don’t know nothing about pussy. Only a black cock can give you what you really need. This pussy belongs to me now.” He was right. The movies had shown her how different white and black men were during sex. The women had all tried to [...]

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Megan felt his cock slowly sliding out of her pussy. The pleasure center of her brain was screaming at her to put it back in. She felt the fat head of his cock starting to stretch out her lips, but instead of pulling it out, he buried about half his cock back in. Her pussy [...]

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Megan’s eyes flew open as soon as the head penetrated her and it hit her what was happening. She hadn’t imagined sex could feel this good. Jamal had quickly pushed his cock in as deep as Harold had ever been, but the thick, black cock in her pussy felt so much better then her husband’s [...]

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Jamal couldn’t believe it was finally about to happen. He had wanted to fuck a white girl his entire life and now he was about to fuck just about the hottest white slut he had ever seen. He pushed down on his steel hard rod and placed the head on the entrance to her vagina. [...]

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Jamal rubbed his cock between her cheeks, causing it to grow to full erection. He looked at the quarter-sized hole that had once been her virgin ass hole and positioned the tip of his cock on it. He pushed down, watching her ass stretching to accommodate him and feeling his dry cock scrape along the [...]

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The big black man pushed his way inside and pulled Megan into the living room. “Hurry Megan,” he said, dropping his suit. “Bend over.” “B…but the doctor?” “Bend over the couch and watch him through the back door.”