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Added pg 15 to the “Kassie” comic

Kassie struggles to suck Mr Johnson’s giant cock..

Added pg 14 to the “Kassie” comic

Kassie takes Mr Johnson’s massive Black cock in her mouth..

Added pg 13 to the “Kassie” comic

Kassie pulls out Mr Johnson’s massive Black cock..

Added pg 12 to the “Kassie” comic

Mr Johnson threatens to blackmail Kassie unless she sucks his cock..

Added pg 11 to the “Kassie” comic

After digging in her ass, Mr Johnson puts his finger up to Kassie’s nose..

Added pg 10 to the “Kassie” comic

Mr Johnson digs his finger into Kassie’s ass using the excuse that he’s searching for drugs..

Added pg 9 to the “Kassie” comic

Kassie pulls down her panties to reveal her sweet bubble butt to Mr Johnson..

Added pg 8 to the “Kassie” comic

Kassie strips down in front of Mr Johnson..

Added pg 7 to the “Kassie” comic

Added pg 6 to the “Kassie” comic

After a LOOONG delay, we’ve decided to resume our “Kassie” comic. KJ has added pg 6 in full color for your enjoyment