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Added pg 16 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

He slowly worked inch after inch inside her. Her pussy walls were hot and slick. Her vaginal muscles squeezed his cock, pulling him inwards, wanting him deeper. She moaned, eyes still closed, but her hips were now raising up into his cock as he pushed it deeper and deeper. He was only half in when [...]

Added pg 15 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

Chris turned his attention to his neighbor. The wires running up to her tits were stretched taut as the poonbot pulled them. She was wincing in pain as her over inflated breasts were pulled upwards by the suction cups around her nipples. Short jets of milk continued filling the reservoir and dripped from the spigots. [...]

Added pg 14 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

Chris followed suit, holding his glass under the left spigot. Brittany’s breast milk filled the two glasses, the white fluid clouding the golden colored whiskey. They pulled their glasses away from the spigots before they overflowed. “A toast to your new sex slave,” said the poonbot holding the glass up towards Chris…

Added pg 13 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

Chris leaned closer, staring through the clear plastic of the spigots covering Brittany’s nipples. There was a soft “SPLOSHH!” as jets of milk shot from her nipples to strike the small bladder inside the spigots. His neighbor moaned in relief as she was milked. Jet after jet of milk filled the bladder which filled rapidly [...]

Added pg 12 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

The poonbot had removed two clear white spigots from his briefcase. One end was the spigot and the other a suction clamp. Black wires traveled from the tops of the pumps to the briefcase. The suction clamps covered her nipples perfectly as the poonbot attached them to her breasts. The spigots aimed downwards, little faucets [...]

Added pg 11 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

Chris looked up at her as he continued sucking and licking her breasts, milk filled the back of his throat with each flicker of his tongue across her nipple. Chris clamped his mouth down hard around her nipple and pulled his head back as he sucked, stretching her breast out. He opened his mouth letting [...]

Added pg 10 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

“Open wide.” The poonbot squeezed the base of her breasts causing the front to swell up like bowling balls. For a second, her breasts looked like they might pop like a balloon, but just when Chris thought they were about to burst, twin streams of milk shot from her nipples. The stream from her left [...]

Added pg 9 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

Brittany was still standing with her arms over her head, hands bound to the collar on the back of her neck. Her eyes had closed again and she appeared asleep or drugged. As soon as the poonbot’s hands made contact with her breasts, her eyes flew open again. Her head flew back and she moaned [...]

Added pg 8 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

Chris sat back, staring at his fantasy dream blonde being milked like a cow. He squeezed his big cock eager to sink it deep in her needy pussy. The poonbot released her breasts, but milk continued to drip from her nipples. “That’s a lot of milk,” said Chris. “It is not enough,” said the poonbot. [...]

Added pg 7 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

The poonbot moved behind her. “Her breasts are at maximum size and will not get any bigger. It is necessary that they produce large quantities of milk. That is why she may need another coating of hormone.” The poonbot stood behind the woman, reaching around her and squeezing both breasts. His hands gripped them tightly [...]