About PooNnet

Founded in 2000 by Bigdaddy, PooNnet.com was one of the early pioneers in online cartoon porn. Initially begun with Bigdaddy as the sole artist, PooNnet focused on cartoon sex parodies.  Not known for his coloring abilities, most of the artwork were black and white pencil drawings.

In 2003 Kinky Jimmy (aka “KJ”) partnered with Bigdaddy on PooNnet to deliver a fresh new makeover to the site, bringing with him loads of new parody, interracial, and shemale artwork.. and most of which in full color!

With the evolution of the online cartoon porn industry and contributions by other talented artists, PooNnet decided to carve out its niche in interracial comics.

In 2010 PooNnet added to its team the work of Jaguar, a new artist with incredible talent and ability to capture real likenesses.

Currently, we’re going to focus on illustrated interracial stories and celebrity interracial comics and artwork combining the popularity of both the “celebrity” and “interracial” niches.

We hope you enjoy your stay at PooNnet.com and support our efforts to bring you the finest cartoon adult comics on the web!