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Added pg 3 to the “Payback” comic

Brock and his wife drive through a gritty part of town on their way home, relishing from his victory over his arch nemesis Carlos Blanka..

Added pg 2 to the “Payback” comic

Brock starts to leave the spectacle with his hot wife in their Mercedes..

Added pg 1 to the “Payback” comic

Boxing champ Brock Lasseter shows up at a media event to accept his champion belt to the applause of everyone in the crowd..

Started new “Payback” comic

Added the cover to start a new comic titled “Payback” About a boxing champion who gets a nasty taste of revenge from a gangbanger who turns his life upside down ravaging his wife and daughter

Added pg 11 to “Working Vacation”

He was long past the point any normal man would have ejaculated. “Try to hurry ok, my arms are tiring.” “Try using both.” Angie nodded and brought her other hand up from his balls. She began stroking him off with both hands. She bent the shaft down so that it was pointed at her face [...]

Added pg 15 to the “Kassie” comic

Kassie struggles to suck Mr Johnson’s giant cock..

Added pg 10 to “Working Vacation”

“Joseph, I would like to get a DNA sample.” “What do you mean?” “I would like a sample of your sperm and I’m also interested in seeing the amount of ejaculate those large balls of yours produce. Would you masturbate for me?” “No, my people do not masturbate.” Angie’s stomach fell with disappointment. “You can [...]

Updated Miscellaneous gallery

Hot pic by KJ of sexy Airforce babes getting intimate with a lucky officer

Added pg 9 to “Working Vacation”

“Hand me the camera, I want to get a shot of your testicles. Hold your penis up so that I get a clear photo.” Angie clenched a fist to get a comparison shot against his balls, finding them as large as her fist, probably twice as large as any nut sack she had ever seen [...]

Added pg 14 to the “Kassie” comic

Kassie takes Mr Johnson’s massive Black cock in her mouth..