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Updated Sissy Boy and Interracial galleries

Added new pics by KJ to the Sissy Boy and Interracial galleries     

Added pg 5 to “Working Vacation”

Angie slid into her husband’s arms on the beach and looked up at him. He leaned down and kissed her. She pulled him closer. She couldn’t remember being this horny. Her vagina was soaked. Her nipples looked like two little missiles under the halter top. She slid her hand under her husband’s shorts and felt [...]

Updated Interracial gallery

Added an interracial pic by KJ to the Interracial gallery

Added pg 12 to the “Kassie” comic

Mr Johnson threatens to blackmail Kassie unless she sucks his cock..

Added pg 4 to “Working Vacation”

Angie still couldn’t quite make out what the woman was talking about. “You’re telling me you like it here so much, you’re going to stay and become a maid?” “It’s the black cock that I like so much. These men are huge. I’ve fucked eight of them and there hasn’t been a cock under ten [...]

Added pg 11 to the “Kassie” comic

After digging in her ass, Mr Johnson puts his finger up to Kassie’s nose..

Added pg 3 to “Working Vacation”

Devon walked over to the monitors and watched Angie changing into a string bikini. The brunette beauty had the body of a stripper and bore a striking resemblance to the actress Denise Richardson. Her breasts were so big and firm they looked like she would burst out of her bikini. This one would definitely go [...]

Added interracial Army gangbang pic

Hot wet interracial Army gangbang pic by KJ added to the Interracial gallery

Added pg 2 to “Working Vacation”

Devon hopped on his scooter and traveled to Trinibogo’s command center. After the disaster, a hurricane shelter had been carved into the side of Trinibogo’s peak. A secret door led to the nucleus of the island, the video monitors connected to the cameras hidden in every room and bungalow on the island. Except for a [...]

Added pg 1 to “Working Vacation”

Angie didn’t care about that, she only cared that she wouldn’t have to think about work for the next week. She was an anthropologist at a major university and put in long hours helping her husband, the professor, with his classes. She looked over at James. At fifty, he was twenty years older then she [...]