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Shame looked in the bag. Two hundred dollars to give Hetty a baby. Elijah was the natural leader of all the homesteaders. When his wife gave birth to a little black bastard, he would become the town laughing stock. Bodie could then take over his land as well as that of the other homesteaders. “One [...]

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Elijah came out of the house just as Shame was mounting up. The rifle was sticking out of his saddle bag and his things were rolled up. He looked just like he had the day he rode up. “Shame, this is my fight,” said Elijah. Shame dismounted. “Elijah, if you ride into town, you’ll be [...]

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Shame had fucked Hetty every night and Mary during the day for several weeks now.. Mary could take all his cock now and loved every inch of it. It seemed impossible, but the girl loved fucking even more than her mother. A few days ago, he had introduced her to ass play and had fucked [...]

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Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus scissoring after collaborating on a hot recording Illustrated by KJ, added to the Celebrities gallery

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When he finished, his cock was rock hard again. She learned the true meaning of fucking as he pistoned his hips slamming a little more than half his cock into her. There was virtually no pain and she found her hips rising us to meet his thrusts. His cock seemed to explode in her womb [...]

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It felt alive in her mouth, pulsing with power at each beat of his heart. She could feel it growing even bigger, turning harder, until it spasmed and his cum struck the back of her throat. She was surprised at how hot his sperm was. It caught her off guard and she pulled her head [...]

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“Yes, it is one of the greatest pleasures a woman can give her man. A good cocksucker can have any man she wants.” “Then I want to be the best,” said Mary, leaning over his hip and taking his cock in her hand. “It’ll take a lot of practice for you to get real good, [...]

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Shame kissed down her body and soon had her humping his face as he ate her to the second orgasm of her life. She winced every now and then when he hit a sore spot, but mostly it was pure pleasure. “Thank you,” she said when he moved back up her body. “What are you [...]