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Added Marisa Tomei porn parody pic

Hot pic of Marisa Tomei getting a full body bukkake shower by multiple cocks

Added pg 44 to “Shame”

He pulled out and rested his cock on her ass cheeks for a moment before standing and moving back to his cot. She could feel her ass slowly closing, forcing his sperm out to run down her crack. She would have to spend a few minutes squatting over the chamber pot to get all his [...]

Updated Miscellaneous gallery

Perhaps inspired by new legislation allowing females to serve in active combat, here’s a hot pic by KJ of a Navy officer babe getting bukkaked Located in the Miscellaneous gallery

Added pg 43 to “Shame”

“Oh Hetty, I wish I had met you twenty years ago. Your body was built for big cock.” “I wish so too,” she moaned. If she had married Shame, she would have had twenty years worth of orgasms. Instead, she was stuck with boring old Elijah. “I wish you was a white man.” “Then I’d [...]

Added Ariane Grande porn parody pic

After downing a glass of “Chateau KJ”, Ariane Grande’s tits explode in this celeb porn parody pic by KJ

Added pg 42 to “Shame”

Hetty felt his thumb poking at her ass again, then realized it was too big. She looked over her shoulder to see Shame pushing down on his cock as the big head rested on her rectum. “Jesus! No, not there. Don’t fuck me there. You’ll rip me apart.” Shame was not to be denied. Hetty [...]

Added pg 41 to “Shame”

“We can’t fuck any more,” she said even as her body was obeying him. She got down on her hands and knees facing away so he could fuck her like a dog. “It’s just too risky.” He had fucked her every day since the first time. They tried to fight it, but his cock always [...]

Added pg 40 to “Shame”

“I was just about to clean it off,” said Shame. “Nothing to worry about, just a nick from a bush.” He cleaned his cock off and sat on the cot. He spread his legs and she took her rightful place on her knees between them. “Assume the position,” he ordered after she had sucked on [...]

Added pg 39 to “Shame”

Small waves of pleasure were beginning to permeate her body and then the pain returned as his cock seemed to grow even thicker. It jerked in her pussy and she moaned as his hot seed struck deep into her womb. Mary winced as Shame pulled his cock out. It was hard, glistening, and rampant. He [...]

Added pg 38 to “Shame”

After taking her virginity, Shame wiggled his hips trying to work more cock inside her. Each inch hurt, but her love for Shame was such that she suppressed the pain. He only managed to get about half his cock inside her and then he began slowly sliding it in and out. The pain had faded [...]