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Added pg 33 to “Shame”

“Miss Mary,” he said gently grabbing her chin and pulling her face up to look him in the eye, “I’ll die before I let anyone hurt you.” As he looked down at her something magical happened and their lips touched. The kiss grew in passion, his lips parted and his tongue pressed against her lips. [...]

Added Scarlett Johansson and Britney Spears porn parody pic

Scarlett Johansson wearing a massive strap-on on Britney Spears getting some love on..

Added pg 32 to “Shame”

She spent a lot of time lathering his chest, moving slowly so she could examine every muscle on his torso. She moved the soap lower down his belly and under the water. She encountered a hard knob around his belly button and grabbed it. She quickly let go realizing that it was the tip of [...]

Added another Hermione porn parody pic

Added a KJ commissioned request of Hermione as a she-devil banging some chick with a strap-on Located in the parodies gallery

Added pg 31 to “Shame”

Mary felt a shiver run down her spine when he touched her. Shame’s hands were all over her body trying to find a hold. They covered her breasts and ran down her belly, once even grabbing the inside of her thighs until finally settling on holding her waist…

Added pg 30 to “Shame”

As his pants lowered, she saw the root of his penis appear. At first she thought it was a trick of the light, for the base of his penis looked amazingly thick, but as he lowered his trousers, more was revealed. She thought it would never end until finally the head plopped out of his [...]

Added pg 29 to “Shame”

He lost control and shot his first wad deep into her pussy, only pulling out in time to shoot his third wad all over her belly and breasts. Hetty couldn’t control herself and rubbed his semen into her body with her hands before licking them clean. Her wanton lust for his seed had his cock [...]

Added Hermione porn parody pic

Hermione’s spell gone wild and suddenly her breasts grow out of control..

Added pg 28 to “Shame”

“Fuck me Shame, fuck me,” she moaned. “Do you like it cause it`s big?” “Yes,” she screamed having a small orgasm. “I love your big cock. Fuck me with your big cock.”

Added pg 27 to “Shame”

Hetty’s eyes were closed as she nodded her head. “Ok, just don’t cum in me.” She squatted up as he held his cock up and she slowly lowered herself over the head, sighing as her pussy lips closed around it. Hetty slowly raised and lowered herself over the head. Each downward thrust taking a little [...]