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Added pg 23 to “Shame”

She felt completely stuffed by his thick cock when it was in as far as Elijah’s could go and that wasn’t even half-way. With a grunt, Shame pushed it into virgin territory. Hetty’s body was responding to his big cock. She was arching her back, thrusting her hips up with each little thrust of his [...]

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Added pg 22 to “Shame”

Shame lowered her onto the bedroll. He knelt between her legs and pulled back on his foreskin as he began rubbing the head of his cock along her slit. She looked down her body at the foot long shaft poised to penetrate further then any man had ever gone before. She felt intimidated by it, [...]

Added pg 21 to “Shame”

She gasped as he pulled her arm down. Shame caressed her big left breasts, his fingers twirling the nipple between them. “Does this hurt?” he asked smirking as the nipple turned rock hard. “N-no,” she stuttered. “How about this?” he asked moving on to her other breast. She shook her head and he turned her [...]

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Added pg 20 to “Shame”

Shame returned to Slim as the man was trying to lift himself up out of the water. Shame placed his boot on the man’s back and pushed him back down in the water. He held slim under for about half a minute before picking the man up and heaving him over towards his partner. “Get [...]

Added pg 19 to “Shame”

Mary was just lowering herself into the spring. The young girl was a vision. She was the spitting image of her mother only twenty years younger. Mary’s skin was unmarred and tanner then her mother’s, from her excursions to the watering hole. Her breasts were nearly as large as Hetty’s already. They were big and [...]

Added pg 18 to “Shame”

“Can I eat your pussy again, ma’am?” asked Shame. “Of course, sir.” Shame threw the bedroll down on the hay and she ended up straddling his face. She had three little orgasms as she bounced up and down on his tongue.

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Shame left to do his chores without saying a word. Hetty looked at herself in the mirror and at her sperm covered face. She was thankful Elijah was gone for it would take awhile to clean up this mess. She decided to stay nude with Shame, just in case she lost control again and because [...]