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Added Kris Williams TAPS nude parody pic

Hot Happy Halloween pic of Kris Williams from TAPS Ghost Hunters nude and showing off her feet in front of a haunted house (by Kinky Jimmy)

Added pg 11 to “Shame”

“You shouldn’t go through man’s things,” said Shame behind me. I shoved the gun back under the bedroll and spun around. My childish instincts wanted to deny any wrong doing even when caught red-handed. Instead, I just said, “I’m sorry.” “Get out of here boy, before I tan your hide.”

Added Princess Peach porn parody pic

Hot pic of Princess Peach from “Mario Bros” in a Black cock glory hole room

Added pg 10 to “Shame”

She tasted the honey on his cock and her tongue swirled around the head to lap up more. Shame moaned when her tongue touched him. She continued to lick the head for several minutes until his cock finally did start swelling…

Updated Sissy Boy gallery

Added a new hot pic by KJ of a sissy boy cuckold chained and choking on a big Black cock while her pregnant fiancee makes sweet love with another brotha

Added pg 9 to “Shame”

Hetty didn’t realize how beautiful she was. One of the reason she had decided to appear nude before Shame was to see if the sight of her body would drive him wild. She wasn’t disappointed. Shame’s cock went from limp to rock hard in half a minute and his breathing had increased as he stared [...]

Added pg 8 to “Shame”

“That is what I wanted, but it wasn’t what I had in mind,” said Hetty reliving the moment his cum filled her mouth. Odd, the thought didn’t disgust her. She felt her nipples hardening as she remembered Shame`s big cock pumping mouthful after mouthful of hot ejaculate into her mouth. “Anyway, it didn’t work. You [...]

Added pg 7 to “Shame”

She grabbed it and started stroking again. She had to start over, but thankfully it quickly grew again. The head of his cock looked like it was about to explode. Just as the pee-slit started opening, Shame grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forwards, the tip of his cock forcing it’s way [...]

Added pg 10 to the “Kassie” comic

Mr Johnson digs his finger into Kassie’s ass using the excuse that he’s searching for drugs..

Added pg 6 to “Shame”

Satisfied Hetty returned her attention to his cock. She used both hands early this time, since it took two to encircle the thick black sausage. The honey was an excellent lubricant and her hands slid easily over the shaft. She could tell Shame was enjoying it because he was slowly thrusting his hips each time [...]