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Added Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber sex pic

Selena Gomez with a sissy’ed up Justin Bieber in a glory hole room.. drawn by KJ Added to the Celebrities Gallery

Added pg 6 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

The poonbot removed his finger and leaned down before the bound woman. He put both hands on the nipple clamps, fingers squeezing them to pinch her nipples. White fluid squirted out covering his thumbs and dribbling down the bottoms of her breasts. “Lactation has commenced,” said the poonbot. He hefted one of her large udders [...]

Added Cameron Diaz interracial sex pic!

Hot pic by KJ of Cameron Diaz plowed by massive Black cock from behind while lying on her stomach Located in the “Celebrities” gallery

Added pg 5 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

She moaned still appearing drugged or asleep, maybe even hypnotized. Her eyes remained closed. Chris just stared dumbfounded at her big ass titties. She’d already had stripper titties, but these were male fantasy tittties. Chris had never seen white titties or pink nipples outside of porn. He stared at the big beautiful udders, milky white [...]

Added Jeremy Lin King of NY pic!

HOT pic by Jaguar of Jeremy Lin given the “special treatment” by Knicks cheerleaders Located in the “Celebrities” gallery

Added pg 4 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

“My card,” said the man in the dark suit. His voice was strangely monotonous and emotionless. The card was a business card. Chris looked at it then up at the man. He gasped in shock and then took a step back in fear. “Don’t be afraid Christopher. I am the POONBOT MODEL 2012. Here [...]

Added pg 12 of “Jungle Janet”

Added pg 12 of “Jungle Janet” to the Comics section

Added pg 3 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

Chris went to and was checking to see what the latest update was when he noticed the “Member Request” notice. As a member of you enjoy exclusive privileges no other site can offer. Just fill out the form below. He finished reading it. The form had a section for target, address, and member [...]

Added Olivia Wilde interracial sex pic!

Hot pic by KJ of Olivia Wilde taking a massive Black cock inside her hot dripping pussy Located in the “Celebrities” gallery

Added pg 2 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

“Fuck me now Chris. Fuck me like only you can,” she moaned. “FUCK ME!” Chris’ cock exploded. His cum shot several feet into the air arcing downward to leave another one of the mysterious stains that his mother always complained about all over his carpeted floor.