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Added pg 21 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

I didn’t argue, because I didn’t want to argue with him. I wanted to do exactly what he was telling me to do. Amanda lifted her mouth off of Darius’s erection as I lifted her to a standing position and lifted her skirt over her bent back, “No, James! Please don’t, not like this! Please!” [...]

Added pg 20 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Darius smiled. “See, that was easy. Mandy, just so Jimmy can see how much you like being my little slut what say you show him how you like to suck my cock?” “No, Darius. I can’t do that. Not here. Not this morning.” He reached up and grabbed Amanda by the hair, pulling her face [...]

Added pg 19 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Amanda walked into the kitchen, dressed in a grey business skirt, white blouse, black thigh highs and heels. She looked like she had just got home from her law firm, instead of fucking her ass into our wedding bed all night. She looked at the floor and not at me. Darius smiled. “Well, here’s the [...]

Added pg 18 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

In a little while, Darius appeared and sat at the kitchen table. “Morning, Jimmy! You don’t look like you slept too well. Shit, I didn’t sleep that much last night either… and neither did Mandy.” he snickered. “I guess I should tell you that dealing Blackjack is a hobby of mine. You should’a cut the [...]

Added pg 17 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Finally, at daylight, I walked in through the patio door, only to hear more moans and groans. Then after a while I heard the shower start and realized that the noises were coming from the bathroom. I peeked into the steam to see them both in our over-sized tub, Amanda bent forward with her perfect [...]

Added pg 16 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Darius gave her bare ass a resounding slap, leaving a red mark. “You’re one fucking hot little whore, Mandy, no denying that. But don’t be getting too comfortable… I’ve only just started.” And he had. I dozed, fitfully, in the chair. Throughout the night, I was awoken by the sounds of Darius fucking the living [...]

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Added pg 15 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Amanda’s head was bobbing as she sucked Darius in and out of her mouth. She was moaning with pleasure, her ass rotating in the air. Darius took his other hand and inserted three fingers between her legs and into her exposed cunt. His fingers were glistening with lubrication when he pulled them out and roughly [...]

Added pg 14 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Darius rolled off Amanda and grabbed her by the hair, “Lick me clean, bitch. Suck all the jizz off me.” Shocked, I watched Amanda position herself over Darius’s still-hard cock and lower her mouth to it, licking and slurping his cum between her lips. I couldn’t believe it! I always got up and washed myself [...]