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Added pg 10 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Amanda hiccupped. Wide-eyed, she looked at me, then at his cock, and back at me. In my position, I looked straight at her legs. I thought I saw a bit of a glistening. She nodded and said, “Okay” in a small voice. “Good!” he let me up. “I’ll deal.”

Added Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber sex pic

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Added pg 9 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

I was getting concerned that things were going too far. I stood up, “Well, I guess the game’s over. Let’s go swimming.” Darius grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back down into my chair. “What say you and me go one-on-one for one hand? Winner takes all? Kind of like playing ‘horse’ at [...]

Added pg 8 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Finally, he sat down and started to deal. I asked him what he was betting, since he didn’t have any more clothes on. He smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry about it.” He won the next hand, and Amanda and I shed our shirts. I tied Darius on the next hand, but Amanda went [...]

Added Selena Gomez interracial sex pic

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Added pg 7 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

During dinner, Darius told us one tale after another – from war stories about the fire-fights he’d been in, the medals he’d won, and the men he’d killed, to drinking contests, and even his sexual conquests. He could tell a good story and the two girls were hanging on his every word. After dinner, Cindy [...]

Added Fantastic Four sex parody pic!

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Added pg 6 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Darius got out of the pool, popped open another beer, and sat down beside me. “Hey homey, you have certainly have a paradise here.” His eyes were locked on Amanda and Cindy as they got out of the pool, “Yes, I think there’s every little thing a man could want – house, car, beer and [...]

Added pg 5 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Then Darius walked out all muscle’s and bulging veins. He was wearing a small Speedo that left nothing to the imagination. I noticed immediately that the form of his package was clear. You could see the faint outline of the head and veins and of his balls hanging bellow. Not only that, it must it [...]

Added pg 4 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

After showing Darius his room, we all moved out to the patio, by the pool, and had a few drinks. By his second beer, Darius was acting so at home, you would have thought it was his house. A little later, Cindy got home from school. My pride and joy, I thanked the stars, every [...]