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Added pg 10 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 3”

She saw him hit play and there on the screen was another black man fucking a white girl from behind. She saw Jamal’s hand go straight to his cock. Megan crossed her fingers and gulped, hoping he wouldn’t reject her. “J-Jamal, why don’t you let me take care of that for you?”

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Added pg 9 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 3”

She stood up and began removing her coat. “I want you to tell me what’s wrong with this outfit,” she said removing her coat. “Harold didn’t seem to care for it.” “Harold’s an idiot, you look incredible” he said staring at her in awe. She stood before him clad in a small lacy white bra [...]

Added pg 8 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 3”

“So Megan, not sunbathing today?” he asked as they sat down on the couch. She shook her head, still staring at his cock now pointing straight up as he sat next to her. This was also the time of day, Jamal usually did his yard work and she would of been worried enough to check [...]

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Added pg 7 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 3”

The next day, she got up and instead of putting on her bikini, she put on the lingerie. She would ask Jamal what was wrong with it, she thought as she rolled up the lacy white nylons and hooked them to the garter. He wasn’t in the yard, oddly enough, and she put on a [...]

Added pg 6 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 3”

Last night hadn’t gone as planned. The doctor hadn’t seemed to like her white lingerie very much. She told him she wasn’t happy with the red lingerie they were selling and would try somewhere else. Harold hadn’t seemed too interested in sex that night and she had taken his little penis into her mouth to [...]

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Added pg 5 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 3”

Megan dressed and began blow drying her hair, while planning her days shopping trip. She had to get some groceries and she had promised Harold that she would buy some sexy red lingerie to wear for him tonight. Jamal had put the idea into her head the day he had given her the blow job [...]

Added pg 4 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 3”

Megan was running her finger around her clit rapidly to the erotic scene before her. She saw the black man pull his cock out and he sprayed the slut’s belly with a load of semen that rivaled Jamal’s. Megan came when he did, crying out with joy at experiencing another orgasm. How can it be [...]