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Added pg 25 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

“A+,” said Jamal, covering his face with his hands to hide a devilish grin. He had always been told that white women knew how to treat black cocks, but hadn’t quite believed it until now. “Oh Megan,” he moaned. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to enjoy it, but that was the best blow job [...]

Added “Mass Effect” parody pic

Added a lesbian themed strap-on sex “Mass Effect” parody pic by KJ to the Parodies gallery

Added pg 24 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Regretfully, Megan needed to catch her breath and she pulled back only to have a large strand of semen splatter against her forehead, then across her nose and over her lips, and then he came on her breasts. She now understood what his big balls were for. She caught her breath and saw that his [...]

Added pg 23 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Megan wanted to shout with joy, but couldn’t take her lips of his cock. She had won and he was about to reward her because she could feel his big black cock vibrating in her mouth as he neared orgasm. Poor man was so upset that he had forgotten to warn her that he was [...]

Added Lisa Boyle interracial sex pic

Hot pic by KJ of Lisa Boyle sitting on a fat Black cock!

Added pg 22 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Megan wasn’t one for foul language. Thinking of it as a cock was one thing, saying it was another, but she figured what was the harm. “I love your big cock.” and then added, “I love your big black cock.” Megan began attacking his wonderful cock aggressively, managing to swallow ten inches, before coming up [...]

Added pg 21 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Megan hated herself at that moment. The first thing that popped into her head was that she wanted to hurt her best friend so that she could have this black cock all to herself. She didn’t want him to think of his wife while she was doing this to him. Megan’s moan was muffled by [...]

Added Emma Watson interracial sex pic

Hot pic by KJ of Emma Watson getting drilled by Black cock added to the “Celebrities” gallery

Added pg 20 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Jamal was in awe of Megan’s cock sucking ability. It had taken him years to train Betina to be this good. A few more times and this white slut would pass his wife in skill level. “Very good Megan. Your about a C now.” He felt Megan loosen up her throat and she swallowed about [...]

Added pg 19 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Jamal’s eyes were half closed as he watched her licking around his cock. It was as if everything else had ceased to exist for her except for his black monster and he smiled knowing she’d be back for more before the week was out. “You’re doing ok, Megan,” he said. “You’re about a D. That’s [...]