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Added pg 16 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Megan smiled seductively and dropped to her knees crawling between his legs. “I don’t know about you Harold, but I know what I’m having for dinner.” Megan smiled up at Jamal and unbuttoned his jeans. She found her eyes wandering up and down his granite chest and abdomen as she slowly unzipped his jeans. She [...]

Added pg 15 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

This time the “Hi honey, I’m home,” was barely out of his mouth before she had thrown her arms around his broad shoulders and her tongue was pushing into his mouth. Jamal reached down and put his hands on her ass cheeks pulling her tight against his body so that she could feel how big [...]

Added Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin sex pic

Hot pic by KJ of momma grizzly Sarah Palin doing Bristol Palin with a strap-on

Added pg 14 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Jamal’s teeth were clenched. If his wife had ever behaved like this he would of spanked her ass with his cock before stuffing all 12 inches into her rectum. He took a deep breath and opened the door. “Honey I’m…” he stumbled over the words in awe of the beautiful nude girl standing before him. [...]

Added pg 13 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

“Great idea,” he said. “Just imagine how shocked the Doctor will be when he comes home to find you nude and it just might help me out also. Go ahead and strip.” Her hands were shaking when she reached around to untie her top. “Can you turn around please? Harold and I only do it [...]

Added pg 12 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

“Well,” he said. “I’m not going to get much pleasure out of it, you being my wife’s best friend and all. I’m just doing this to help you out.” “Thanks Jamal,” she said a tear in her eye. “I think this may be the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for me.” Maybe he wasn’t such [...]

Added pg 11 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

“Cause what?” asked Megan sitting back down. His hesitation playing on her anxieties. “Well, most women are pretty good at it by the time they’re twenty. I’m just worried that if you don’t perform all that well, you might actually end up turning him off of sex even more then he is now.” Megan sighed. [...]

Added Sarah Palin interracial sex pic

Hot pic of Sarah Palin getting drilled by Black cock (drawn by KJ) added to the “Celebrities” gallery

Added pg 10 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

“Here we go,” he said stopping at the next scene and hitting play. The TV showed another blonde kneeling between the legs of the first black man. The blonde unzipped the man’s pants and took out his long cock. She began kissing around the head and licking the sides lovingly. “I love sucking black cock,” [...]

Added pg 9 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

“That one?” Jamal said, pausing the tape at the part where the cock was spraying it’s seed all over the white girls face. “No, it’s about average.” Jamal smiled at the look of shock on Megan’s face. Then her expression changed to one of perplexity and Jamal knew she was comparing her husband’s penis to [...]