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Added pg 7 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Jamal went into his bedroom and started leafing through his box of porn. Then a wicked thought occurred to him and he reached further back and pulled out a second box, a box that his wife didn’t know about. This box contained all his interracial porn. Jamal had been dying to fuck a white woman [...]

Added pg 6 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Megan turned to see that Jamal had followed her into the room and he was standing in the doorway to the back yard blocking her exit. “What can I help you with Megan?” asked Jamal. “Oh nothing,” she sighed. “I just wanted to ask Tina for some help with something.” “I’d be glad to help,” [...]

Added pg 5 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

“Hi Megan,” said Betina snatching up her car keys and purse. “How are things?” “Oh Tina,” said Megan, “I miss you so much.” “I miss you too, honey,” said the plump black woman, who gave Megan a quick hug. “Can’t talk now though, I have to get back to work.” Megan sighed as her friend [...]

Added Katy Perry interracial sex pic

Hot pic of Katy Perry double teamed by 2 Black cocks drawn by KJ

Added pg 4 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Now, here it was, a week since Betina had started her new job and Megan missed her already. She stretched on the lawn chair again and fidgeted in her seat. Jamal was starting the lawnmower over in his yard. He wore nothing but a tight pair of jeans and she could see the sweat pouring [...]

Added pg 3 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Megan noticed some pictures on the hall walls and was surprised to see they were of a bikini clad Betina in various poses. “That’s from before I had Anthony, of course,” Betina said over Megan’s shoulder. “I used to be a pretty hot model. You ever do any modeling?” Surprised, Megan answered, “No. Why do [...]

Updated “Sissy Boy” gallery

Added a new pic by KJ to the “Sissy Boy” gallery

Added pg 2 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

A week later, Megan had been out sun bathing, she had still not gotten up the nerve to introduce herself to the neighbors when Betina made the first move. Betina called to her over the fence and introduced herself, it seemed that Betina was just as lonely for a friend as Megan was. The two [...]

Added pg 1 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Added pg 1 to start a new Illustrated Story.. “Lessons from the Neighbor – part 1″ Megan stretched cat-like as she reclined in the lawn chair in her backyard. Her long blonde hair was tied up on her head, except for a wayward strand dangling over the dark sunglasses covering her bright blue eyes. Several [...]

Updated “Parodies” and “Miscellaneous” galleries

Dug up an old pic by KJ of Scarlet Witch nude for the “Parodies” gallery and a hardcore pic for the “Miscellaneous” gallery. We’re currently working on another illustrated story for you guys.. please stay tuned..