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Updated Celebrity gallery

Added pics of Avril Lavigne nude and Elaine Benes nude

Added pg 41 to “The Apology” comic

Kanye’s cock was stuck deep and he had to wait a few minutes for it to stop squirting and shrink a little before he could withdraw it. He slowly pulled his cock out and it slid down the crack of her ass…

Added pg 40 to “The Apology” comic

“Is that as hard as you can do it? I want it HARD!” Taylor felt slutty and wanton as Kanye gave her what she wanted. Her fingers were pumping her pussy as fast as they could go. She was a now white whore and there would be no turning back. Taylor wanted to get fucked [...]

Added pg 39 to “The Apology” comic

Reach between yo legs girl and rub yo clitty.” “What?” “It’ll make it more bearable. Reach between yo legs and play with yourself.” Taylor slid her arm under her torso causing her to lose balance. Her head was resting on the couch while her ass was thrust up in the air getting slowly fucked. Her [...]

Added pg 38 to “The Apology” comic

Kanye lined his cock back up with her pussy and pushed it in. “I want to fuck you again.” “Amazing,” she murmured. “I want to fuck you again too, but my pussy is too sore.” Taylor pushed back against his thumb once again confirming his suspicions that she was a natural born slut. “Kanye, what’s [...]