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Added pg 36 to “The Apology” comic

Taylor didn’t have time to be horrified. No one had ever shot sperm inside her. Joe had always used a condom. Jet after jet of his hot seed filled her unprotected womb triggering her biggest orgasm yet. Taylor screamed in pleasure. The orgasm seemed to last forever. “Fill me pussy,” she whispered in his ear, [...]

Added pg 31 of “Car Trouble”

Vivian awoke exhausted on the couch. Sperm was crusted on her lips, belly, and breasts which made her think they’d fucked her a few more times after she passed out. Plus, her ass was squishy with a fresh load of semen trickling out. Her body was covered with dried sperm and grease. She crinkled her [...]

Added pg 35 to “The Apology” comic

Kanye sat up and held his cock up. “Come ride this cock, bitch.” Taylor eagerly sat up and straddled his lap. She had to squat over his cock, it was so long. She moaned as it slid inside her more easily this time. Soon she was kneeling over his lap with his entire cock buried [...]

Added pg 30 of “Car Trouble”

“I’m the truck driver.” This man was very black and had a slight African accent. His cock too felt huge and it was quickly stimulating her to another orgasm. These men had lied and tricked her. They’d used her for sex and gangbanged her. Instead of being upset, Vivian yelled, “I don’t care, just fuck [...]

Added pg 34 to “The Apology” comic

Taylor groaned in frustration. She writhed around in lust for his cock. “I want… I want you to fuck me.” “Yo Taylor, all you had to do is ask. Like this?” Taylor felt the pending orgasm growing as Kanye worked half his cock in and out of her. He was picking up speed and pistoning [...]

Added pg 33 to “The Apology” comic

“What’s wrong, baby,” he whispered, still kissing her lips. “Your cock’s banging my cervix.” Kanye pushed off her and leaned back up. They looked down at the crotches. “My god, I’ve taken ten inches! I guess that’s it.”…

Added pg 32 to “The Apology” comic

Added pg 32 to “The Apology” comic He worked it around a little, getting the end nice and wet and then Kanye pushed forward. Taylor felt surprised by her body’s reaction. Her hips raised up to meet his thrust. Several inches of cock disappeared in her pussy. “It’s so big, Kanye”…

Added pg 29 of “Car Trouble”

Added pg 29 of “Car Trouble” to the Illustrated Stories section

Added pg 31 to “The Apology” comic

Artwork by KJ, Added to the “Illustrated Stories” section