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Added pg 25 to “The Apology” comic

Artwork by KJ, Added to the “Illustrated Stories” section

Twilight Bella sex with Laurent

Added hot Twilight parody pic of Bella having sex with vampire Laurent doggystyle while Edward Cullen looks on helpless. Added to “Celebrities” gallery

Added pg 25 of “Car Trouble”

Added pg 25 of “Car Trouble” to the Illustrated Stories section

Drawing Requests

Add any drawing requests or suggestions you may have. Express your opinion on the requests/suggestion of others.

Technical Problems

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Added new Tiger Woods cheating on wife Elin parody cartoon

Added new pic of his wife Elin catching Tiger Woods in bed with 3 lovely blondes to the “Celebrities” gallery artwork by Ghost

New Blog replacing News Forum

We’ve decided to replace our news forum with this spiffy new blog! Some benefits of this blog are that we can add searchable keyword tags to postings and we’ll start posting thumbnail previews of our updates so all of you visitors that aren’t current subscribers can see what you’re missing. If you need to reference [...]