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Have a wife or girlfriend you'd like to see defiled by a big Black cock but you're not ready to go through with the real thing? Have that fantasy realized in a custom drawing!

Have you always wanted to see your favorite celebrity or cartoon character having hot sex?

Choose one of our artists below to bring your fantasies to life!

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Below you'll find a estimate of prices and information. Please note that all work is done digitally, if you want a painting or pencildrawing we'll have to negotiate that. The digital file can be provided in high res if you want.

The price of your commission depends on how complex your idea is. Contact me and let me know what you'd like to see and I can let you know what it will cost.

Rendered color pinup of a solo character with some background - $300, add $120 for each new character you want in the illustration.

Short FAQ:

1. Prices are not set in stone, only meant as guidelines. I'm open for changes depending on the complexity of the piece. If you order several pieces we can negotiate the price. If one character is only visible say from his or hers waist up the price for that character would be less...

2. I prefer to be paid via Paypal.

3. After we've agreed on a sketch, and the actual drawing is done, I'll send you a censored sample in low res in order to show that it's done. After received payment I'll send a high res file via email. If we haven't done business in the past I prefer to get paid after the sketch has been approved.

4. I will retain the reproduction rights for the image. If there is anything in your commission that you would not like seen by the general public (perhaps a familiar face), I will change the face and other recognizable details for the public version.

5. As I mostly have many commissions lined up it might take up to two weeks before I can begin on yours, please be patient since drawing this way takes time.

6. Please provide big files of the persons you want portrayed, and keep in mind that I'm limited to what reference you provide of faces when I have to pick out poses. A frontal portrait won't work with a from behind pose etc... Nor can I make someone scream in pleasure if the pic provided is of the person without such an expression.




Rendered color


Colored w/ cellshading


Black and white

  • All work is drawn digitally.

  • Commissioned work may be displayed in our members area at unless you request otherwise.



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